sick car

After your vehicle has been damaged in an accident the body may not be the only thing damaged.  While we will get your vehicle back to looking great and like new.  Most importantly we want the vehicle to be safe to drive for you and your family.  Safety is first at Rick’s and will never be compromised.  Sometimes the accident will trip sensors and light up those pesky lights on your dash.  It could be something small or it could be something larger.  Bottom line is, you will know if anything is wrong.  We now have the technology to do a full diagnostic scan on your vehicle before it leaves our shop.  Here’s the exciting part, it’s FREE!!  With every repair we do, no matter how big or small.  All you have to do is simply ask for a free health scan and one of our qualified techs will plug your vehicle in and we will know in a matter of minutes how well your vehicle feels.